Co-curricular activities are now an essential part of education. These activities not only groom the students in different spheres of life, but also create sportsman spirit in them. In this character building process they learn discipline, tolerance, patience and above all how to work together as a team. APS&C for Girls (Azam Garrison) follows APSACS activities plan as well as LGES activities throughout the year.


To promote creative and co-curricular activities the students are motivated to join various clubs i.e Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Science Club, etc. The English Literary Society and Bazm-e-Adab hold periodic meetings where the students are encouraged to develop their talent. Qirat competition are held annually. Periodic Quiz Competitions are arranged to improve the overall level of awareness of the students. Science and Art exhibition are also held on regular basis.

House System::

Acting upon the instructions issued by APSACS Secretariat and to engage students in useful pursuits and develop in them love and enthusiasm for sports, four houses have been formed. The names of the houses are:


Senior girls are given various prefectorial appointments in order to provide them with an opportunity to develop their leadership potential and inculcate in them a sense of justice, responsibility and devotion to duty. House captains from Class VIII and X and Deputy Head Girl from X are elected in May from the school section. The Head Girls and House Captains from College are elected in May from school section. The Head Girl and House Captains from College are elected through a secret ballot later in September every year.


All Co-curricular activities are organized under the following socities andclubs:

  • a. Urdu Literary Society.
  • b. English Literary Society.
  • c. Math Society.
  • d. Science Society.
  • e. Social Studies Society.
  • f. Islamic Studies Society.
  • g. Home Eco Society.
  • h. Computer Science Society.
  • i. Dramatics Society.
  • j. Community Action Plan Society.


U.S.- Pakistan Global Leadership and STEM Program 2016

•The U.S. – Pakistan Global Leadership and STEM Program is an exchange program that engages ten female Pakistani students in a variety of leadership building and STEM-focused educational activities.
•STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.
•Program duration: 17 days(24th July – 9th August).
•Abeera Azhar and Minal from Azam Garrison were selected on the basis of our academic record by Teachers. They were also interviewed by the Directors.




Minahil Ijaz was selected for the said programme in 2014.She stayed in USA for one year as an ambassador of LGES, AZAM GARRISON. This is a proud accomplishment for for Minahil as well as for Azam Garrison.



APSACS Secretariat and the governing body Lahore Garrison Education System agree with the school that in this increasingly interdependent world where global communication is a daily reality, the global dimension should be reflected in the attitudes and values of our students. We at Azam Garrison, as our institution is called, have for decades catered to the needs of a very diverse student population. Not only do we deal with a wide range of age groups, but also recognize that each student here is a unique individual with his own set of beliefs and attitudes.


Help our students to know more about international issues and:

  • share experiences on both sides of the globe
  • encourage greater involvement in environmental issues
  • develop curiosity about other cultures
  • build links with schools in a variety of other countries throughout the world
  • understand the geographical, historical, political, religious and social differences in the world


Students and teachers will be able to:

  • enjoy valuable opportunities to share best practices on both sides
  • learn from each other in order to shape their thinking about diverse cultures
  • learn new skills of communication and use these in their lessons
  • learn about conservation of resources and the skills to positively affect their environment prepare them to become global citizens of the twenty first century.